OPEN DAYS …Mid November to Mid December for early to late flowering varieties.

The best viewing time is usually the first week in December. Season and weather dependent

SEASON   17TH November to 16TH December   OPEN DAILY (Early to late)

ORDERS TAKEN…… From November to end of February

TUBERS DUG …….Mid March to early April.

Our  North Otago property is situated  near the ‘Big Hedge Chicken’ and The Waianakarua Memorial Hall, midway between Herbert and Hampden. When you turn into Bluff Hills Road we are the only property on the left and before you get to the railway line. Look for the Paeony sign, park in the front paddock and walk along the drive and past the house.

We are bounded by two pine plantations, the mountains and the sea which gives quite a cool climate. Plant growth is very late and plants like Daisies, Geranium and Dahlia don’t survive the harsh frosts.

This climate is perfect for Paeonies though and they grow tall, straight and magnificent.

The garden is a little over half an acre with species and ornamental trees, Camellias, Magnolias,

box hedges and a large perennial border.

Treasures like self seeding patches of Trillium, Tree Paeony,  Perennial Clematis, Toad Lily and Baptissia can be found. There are also collections of Geums, Campanula, Lamium, Potentilla, species Geraniums and many less common perennials

The large paddock of herbaceous Paeony is a treat to see when in bloom. One block has a thousand plants of white Shirley Temple while the second block has two and a half thousand plants made up of

23 different varieties of red pink and whites. You can walk through the flowers and see the differences between the  singles, doubles, bombs and blouses. Be sure to bring your camera!

Flowers are always available to purchase and a sleeved bunch consisting of 6 bud costs $5. The flowers in the bunch can be all the same colour or a mixture of whatever you choose.

All visitors leave with a complimentary bunch of  Paeonies.

Tina’s Nursery has over 150 different varieties of perennials. A fine selection of old favourites, unusual and rare varieties that range from small rockery plants to the big plants that make a statement and fill a space. All perennials in the nursery are priced at $3 each or 4 for $10 Gift vouchers are available and may be redeemed for Paeony tuber or perennials.

Visitors to the garden and Nursery are  welcome any time of the year, whether it is a few in a car or a bus load. There is no charge to visit our garden. Just give us a call first to ensure that someone is home if it is not during the Paeony season. We happily supply hot water for a cuppa and there are lovely spots to have a picnic lunch.

There is a small flock of Alpacas who enjoy looking at our visitors and our Afghan hound dogs will bark and let us know when you have arrived. Tui and Bellbird are resident in the trees and often sing their thanks for the sugar water.

The property is wheel chair friendly and for those who find walking long distances a problem, vehicles can be driven right up to the Paeony on request. There is ample parking and easy turning, even for large busses.